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Dallas is a big city filled with busy bees, boss babes and stay-at-home momma's. For most of us, the American Dream would be for the house to re-organize itself. I created Dirtless in Dallas to make home organization simple and affordable. I want to help you get back to the things you love (like chugging latte's and bing watching grey's anatomy) but with a clean-state of mind.

"Organization is about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life"


As busy bees, you'd rather be sipping lattés and checking off your checklist than consistently clearing clutter.

As boss ladies, you'd prefer to work with a sense of mind that your home and workspace  is clutter-free in hopes to never lose your favorite rose gold pen again.


As stay-at-home momma's, you'd rather save time making home cooked meals vs rummaging through the kitchen for necessities. 

     Choose us. Pick us. Love us. 

Absolutely Affordable Pricing: Our prices are absolutely affordable for only $30/hour.

Effortless Online Scheduling: You can schedule anytime and from anywhere on our website.

Formulated For You: No more struggling to find things through the clutter. We organize to fit your best needs and persona, not the general population.

Modern Methodization: We opt to use the latest and chicest ways to organize your home with trends that will only benefit your humble abode.

 Let's Get Dirtless.